Monday, August 1, 2011

Rainbow After the Storm

All my life, my parents have called me "their rainbow" because I was born right after my mom had two miscarriages.

My dad bought my mom a card that said, "The rainbow comes after the storm." 

Little did I know that, one day, I would have my own rainbow baby. 

Two years to the day after we lost Cohen, God gave us Sarah Beth. Her due date was the exact day that Cohen died (July 12th), but because we chose to have a c-section, the doctor delivered her a few days earlier (July 9th). Some would call that just a coincidence, but we consider it a miracle! 

Sarah Beth is a daily reminder of God's faithfulness in our lives and a beacon of hope for other mommies who have experienced the agony of losing a child. We just celebrated our rainbow baby's 2nd birthday, and a few days later, we visited Cohen's grave to celebrate our glory baby's 4th birthday in heaven. It's always a little bitter-sweet for us when July rolls around each year. 

It's good to have the happiness of Sarah Beth's birthday to counteract the longing for Cohen that we feel in our hearts. Maybe that's what God was thinking when He chose to bless us with our little rainbow after the storm.

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