Tuesday, May 17, 2016


A version of this post first appeared on the Hope Mommies Blog on May 17, 2016.

Once upon a time not so very long ago, a child was born. A child who had been longed for and whose arrival had been bathed in much prayer and anticipation. This child was already loved beyond measure even before ever being held. 

But once upon a time, the happiness this child brought was short-lived. Once upon a time, a mother and father's joy soon turned to sorrow as they watched their precious child pass away right before their very eyes. 

Sound familiar? It should. It's GOD's story. It's MY story. If you've experienced the loss of a child, it's YOUR story, too. 

But long before my husband and I lost OUR child, another Father was mourning the death of His one and only begotten Son. Another mother looked on in horror as the child of her womb was ripped from her arms entirely too soon. 

Once upon a time. Once upon a cross. Once upon a tomb. 

As bereaved parents, we have experienced the very same sorrows as our heavenly Father, and as followers of Christ, we are also partaking in His suffering each day as we take up our crosses and follow Him. And because we have suffered with Him in His death, we have also become heirs of an absolute fortune! 

We have inherited the right to be called children of God and to share in Christ's glorious victory over sin and death. The grave no longer holds any power over us! 

We each now have the blessed assurance of seeing our child again. A child whose name will be the jewel in our crown because, like our heavenly Father, we have endured what no parent should EVER have to endure. 

And we have prevailed.

Yet, too many of us have lost our child-like faith. We have become hardened and calloused from the trials of this life. Our hearts are broken and heavy with questions. 

The good news is that God is in the redemption business. He can work wonders with lost causes. He's cheering for the underdog. He creates order out of chaos. Makes beauty from ashes. A bed from a manger. A crown out of thorns. 

God is still a good, good Father. Even when times are tough. And we are still His beloved children, no matter how many times our faith has faltered. No matter how far you've strayed or veered off-course. No matter how thick those walls are around your heart. 

God has been anxiously awaiting your return. So, come back to Him, all you who are weary and burdened, and He will give you rest. Put down your heavy baggage. Unpack your most intimate apparel and stay a while. 

Let Him wash your feet. Let Him anoint your head with the healing balm of Gilead. Let Him satisfy your thirsty soul. He is purifying us even as we hope in Him. He is transforming us into an image of perfection, by and by.

Let's be carefree like we used to be when we still looked at Him with wide-eyed wonder. Let's dance with unbridled joy before Him while He smiles upon us. 

His burden is light and His yoke is easy. 

We cannot live in His presence without being changed. Let's become once again like little children. Remember what that feels like? 

Implicit trust. Purity of heart. Unswerving devotion. 

The kingdom of God belongs to such as these.

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