Monday, November 7, 2016

Rapunzel Syndrome

Once upon a time in a land not so far away, there was a beautiful girl trapped in a tower. The only way in or out was through a lonely little window. She would often fling her long, flowing hair out of the window and watch as her golden waves cascaded down in the sunlight like spun gold and were tossled about by the wind. 

But that's when things start to get ugly. That's when things get tangled. 

Because inside the tower walls, her captive heart grew colder and colder day after day as she daydreamed about a handsome young prince coming to rescue her--even though, all the while, she possessed the power to free herself.

Whenever she pleased, she could grab the pair of sheers on her bedside table, give herself a cute little pixie cut, rappel down the tower wall on a braided rope of her own hair, and make her getaway scot-free. But instead, she chose to pass the time by pointing fingers and placing blame. She became hardened by unforgiveness. Everything she did was tainted with the stench of resentment.

I used to be this girl. The damsel in distress. 

Waiting on my prince to come to the rescue--not because I couldn't save myself--but because I believed I shouldn't have to. I had Rapunzel Syndrome... and it was poisoning my fairy tale.

Sometimes I feel sorry for the poor prince. 

He had no idea of Rapunzel's lofty expectations. He didn't even realize he was letting her down (in all the wrong ways). The long-awaited hero was already defeated by no fault of his own even before the Once upon a time

He didn't have a fighting chance.

Once I had a spa day with Rapunzel (just go with it). We reclined in shampoo chairs. We had our hair lathered and rinsed and conditioned and detangled. We heard the latest salon gossip. We debated how many inches she should cut off and then I watched her eyes widen as those beautiful blonde tresses fell silently on the hardwood floor. I heard her exclaim to the stylist, "I don't know why I didn't think of this before."

Rapunzel always held the key to her own happiness. 

It was never dependent upon a handsome prince. 

I still believe in fairy tales, but I've never seen her since.

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