Friday, July 8, 2016

You Are Not Just A Hashtag

You are not just a hashtag, Alton Sterling from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
A.K.A. "Big A" and "CD Man"
Raised by your aunt Sandra after your mother died when you were 10 years old
Father of 5, living the hardscrabble life
Part-time cook who could make a mean pot of red beans and rice
Selling discs outside the Triple S Food Mart at the corner of Fairfields and Foster
One year younger than me when you were killed the day after Independence Day
Your life matters to me and I will not let you be swept in the dirt.

You are not just a hashtag, Philando Castile from Falcon Heights, Minnesota.
A.K.A. "Mr. Phil" and "Mr. Rogers with dreadlocks"
You'd be 33 today, same age as Christ when he was strung up on a cross
Straight A student who graduated with honors from Central High School
Worked your way up through the ranks since you were 18 years old
Wore a starched shirt and tie to your supervisor interview
Said your goal was to one day "sit on the other side of this table"
Fist-bumped all the kids, knew them all by name
Pushed extra food in them like a grandma

People said of Jesus after they crucified him, "Surely, this was the Son of God."
Just like after you were killed, the world said, "Truly, this was a GOOD MAN."

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